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Fogo Look hot water anti-fog mirror is the registered trademark of Shenzhen King Mold Industry Co., LTD. Shenzhen King Mold Industry Co., Ltd. was registered in 2015. Fogo Look brand is a public sanitary ware accessory product developed by Shenzhen King Mold Industry Co., LTD. Our company started from early of 2012 to research and development this hot water anti-fog mirror, depending on the talent for this, pragmatic, excellence in research and development, in November 2019, finally complete with hot water treatment as the function of reliable, stable, energy saving, safe, convenient and durable for a high quality anti-fog mirror, and obtains the national utility model patent. The accessory products of sanitary ware have also obtained the national appearance invention patent and brand trademark registration. In May 2020, the company set up a product research, development and production center in Dongguan Liaobu town. With the modern management mode of quick and flexible response, the company aims to provide mass production and low cost for the majority of consumers to develop, produce high quality and cost-effective products.
In December 2020, Shenzhen Chuang Xing Trade Co., Ltd. was established as a product sales company, which is mainly engaged in promoting the sales of accessory sanitary ware products in China and devoting itself to improving the visual and tactile experience of the sanitary environment. Personalized life at the same time, we are committed to customer demand as the leading factor, according to customer's preferences, scene style, design concept and the enterprise demand, continuous innovation, leading the consumer find suits their own sanitary environment supporting product solutions, wholeheartedly provide customers with professional star-rated hotels, residential, high-grade residential, hardcover apartments and villas customized bathroom decoration supporting product design and production supplies, strive to become your trustworthy partner


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